Scents for The Room

I have always wanted to own a couple of those fancy or nice looking scented candles for my room. While I was in UK, I did check it out and really wanted to grab some as they are much cheaper compared to KL. However, my luggage was a bit too small to accommodate more things.

But back in KL, I’m quite the cheapskate to spend on it. Perhaps I should make them on my own? Or anybody wanna get it as a belated birthday gift for me?

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The Art of Balancing Life

I was in a conversation with my cousin in her kitchen in Dublin. The topic of conversation was stress, burnouts and balance.

The fine lines between the above said can be very blurry at times. I have gone through severe stress and got myself burnout. When I was much younger I did not know how to cope with stress that well. I would myself out till I crashed. It was a vicious cycle. Now that I’m much older, I am getting much better at it. Actually, there’s still room for improvement too.

The very next morning, I found out a dear friend had passed away at the age of 52. I was shocked and extremely saddened by it. I broke into tears and pulled the covers to continue crying. He was a good guy, he was always smiling. He had a lot of stories to share. He gave me relationship advises. Benchmarks for guys that I should date. He even warned a guy a dated before. We went on holidays together too.

Sadly I was not in town to attend his funeral. I feel he left us too soon. So sudden.

Which relates to the topic of balancing life. I should and must cherish my loved ones more. Spend more time with them. I should not be working around the clock. I need my balance. I deserve my balance. I should not feel guilty for taking time out for myself.

There’s only one of me, I matter.

Inalillah Eadrace Petra, you will be missed.

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On My Face

My friends and family have been asking me about my skin lately. They said I have a glow to my face. To some, I have actually answered that’s happiness right smack on my face. But to not be so cocky, I’d be sharing some of the products that I swear by on a daily basis in this post.

Hope you find it useful and perhaps will give it a go! They are all really affordable and easy to be accessed.

The items are :

  1. Facial Wash – Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam
  2. Toner – Avène Gentle Toner
  3. Serum – Rebirth Placenta Extra Concentrated Skin Serum
  4. Eye Cream – No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Eye Cream
  5. Day Moisturizer – Rebirth EMU Anti-Wrinkle Cream
  6. Night Cream – No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Night Cream
  7. Concentrated Moisturizer – Rebirth Advanced Placenta Concentrate

If I feel my skin is really dry, I’d use #7 twice in a day.

Facial Wash & TonerSerum & Day Cream
Eye Cream & Night CreamNight Cream

The items can be purchased at any leading pharmacy, while Rebirth can only be found at MagicBoo and No7 can only be purchased at Boots.

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I Loved You Then, I Love You Now Still

This mad love I have had for you is unexplainable. Started when I was 16 I think. The wanting, the liking of you. To some it makes no sense to want to have more of you in my life. To some it is even a waste of money. To some it is ridiculous to have you in the same model in various colours and variation. But I can’t put a finger on it. I just love the edginess of you. I want more and more of you. The other you, even those that people hate and mock of online.

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Room Revamp

I feel the need to spruce things up in my room, my room is pretty big and my dad calls it “Juwita’s Unit”.

My room is a mixture of white, shades of turquoise and grey but with a deeper penchant towards white. My furniture is a whole lot of antiques, a few Ikea items, Scandinavian items and a whole lot of knick knacks.

Perhaps 2018 would be a great year to finally customise my walk-in area. I could do with a proper cupboard with my bursting amount of clothes and finally just one shoe rack.

I’m thinking of starting off with adding some greens aka plants in my room. It will promote better air circulation, my cats and I would appreciate it too. Oh and the sweet, crisp freshness it gives out.


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Happy Yappy Yay!

It was when I was out with my dad that he suddenly said to me…
A : I like you happy. You seem so much happier now. I’m glad he makes you happy. You’ve cried too much.

I couldn’t react, I smiled and said “Yes, I am happy”.

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Glow Gain

Indeed I have finally gained weight to my surprise. All along this has been a particular challenging thing to be done. I have tried many methods but it hasn’t been that successful. A lot of people have been commenting on it too. Mostly really positive comments but the jealous ones…are extremely negative about it.

But hey, I ain’t here to please you.

In all honesty, I don’t think my food intake has doubled because I have always love food and I eat a lot. Perhaps I eat on time now.

But I think one of the biggest factor would be I sleep better now. I get more sleep too lately, it has turn into a routine. Previously I did sleep a lot, but my timing was so random and bad. It was never a concern of mine despite knowing how crucial it is. I am very grateful that I am constantly reminded of sleep and the hours that I need to clock in.

The biggest factor has got to be the fact that I am happy. To be able to dump such toxic influence from my life has been life changing. It’s just so liberating and refreshing. Wee! I’m at a place of my life where it might not be what I had planned for myself but I’m happy and blessed with how it is shaping to be.


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Not The Same

Different people, different stroke.

I strongly believe in this saying. It’s so simple yet explains how different individuals do things. I don’t think it is bad. I think there is strength in everyone. There is always good in the bad.

However, not everyone thinks so. Which is sad. Because if society saw this as a plus point, together we can achieve so much more. Leverage on each other’s strength.

I for one know that I am not build like you or you or even you. I am my own woman, with my own strengths and weaknesses. I am perfectly imperfect with room to improve and grow. But today, my positivity took the best of me.

It saddens me time and time of how this basic thing isn’t recognized. I have never expected anybody to be me or to be like me. I accept people the way they are without judging, if they don’t tickle my fancy, I will walk away and save myself from it.

This current situation that I am in has proven itself that it is set to doom on loop. I expected more thinking that experience would give it an upper-hand but I’ve been proven wrong multiple times.

Two of my greatest strength are :

  1. Play pretend
  2. Selling smoke

However, it is not noticed. My background and accomplishments carries no weight to it cause nothing can be seen beyond it. My award says a lot but nothing to who does not want to appreciate the strength of others.

Do I prevail or do I go back to my own strength and rely on myself.

I am pass the age and stage of life where I wanna be consumed by misery, happiness is key to me. My sanity too.

Ya Allah give me the right guidance and strength to push through a lil bit more.

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I haven’t been getting adequate amount of sleep of late. It has made me pretty cranky and when I pushed myself pass my limits, I knew. I knew so well I was going to fall sick. But this stubborn soul, rarely listens to herself.

However I am really appreciative over the fact that I am constantly reminded of sleep and keeping myself hydrated. I don’t get enough of it. So I have been trying to up it.

I hate falling sick, because when I am sick I get bored. I am constantly sleeping and that is when I am off work. I don’t think being sick justifies as a break when I do nothing for myself or productive at all. I’m not fidgety but I do like being able to be productive and do things that I love.

It got me thinking, this is not the break I want to have. Not sick breaks. I want breaks where I’m out having fun, spending time with people that I love or doing things for myself and spoiling myself. Not this. I deserve real breaks right? Should I just wait for my next Euro trip or should I take lil trips in between.

Currently Baby and I are toying with the idea of Penang next month. I haven’t done Penang this year. I could do with good food, the beach, some cycling and lots of lazing around. I need it for my own sanity. I initially wanted to go for Winter Wonderland, but thanks to my first two quarters of 2017 that got so effed up. I can’t afford it. Sigh.

I’m gonna sleep on this idea of Penang. I kinda think it is a good idea.

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