Hair Matters

If you are anything like me, you’d love all things hair and take pride in it. You’d love this! This post is more about hair care and hair supplements that I had recently discovered.

The thing about me is, I travel quite often. My travel duration can go up to a month or two. Making it quite impossible to use the same shampoo and conditioner pairing that I use in KL. One of my favourite sets is pretty difficult to find it KL lately and it can be pricey. So sometimes, I skim on my products. Which can be BAD!

My last haircut was in August 2019, when I had a reshape due to the merisik. I didn’t cut much as I was growing my hair out from my boy-cut aka long pixie that I had.

During my recent trip to the UK, which was during winter. I started losing hair. I felt it was a normal amount even before I left but it was brought to my attention that it was not. I panicked! Was it the shampoo? Was it the heat as I showered in warmer water during winter? What was it?

I started asking questions to my cousins and friends, posted questions to Twitter and so forth. At that point in time, there was this new product in the market called Le Hair Boss. I wasn’t 100% sure if it was legit and I felt it was a lil pricey. So I did more research. I know for a fact, biotin is good. However, it was not accessible in KL. FYI, I started researching when I was back in town.

I did not change my shampoo. I continued using Herbal Essence as I was using that while I was in UK. I found a new Argan Oil hair serum which smelt wonderful. The brand is Lucidol, I believe it is a Japanese brand.

Our MCO came and I was frantic. I was so afraid. Was it stress? Was it the shampoo? Am I lacking nutrients? Was it the hormone pills I was on to treat my illness that triggered this? I had so many whys!

I sourced for Hair Growth Serum and read up more. I was lucky enough Gitu Store carries The Ordinary and had the Hair Peptide Serum! I got myself that and also the 100% Organic Cold Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil.

That was not enough for me. My research continued despite our lockdown. I Whatsapped my friendly neighbourhood pharmacy aka City Care. They were so kind and helpful. They addressed my questions, gave me some input and bam! They suggested this, Bio-life’s Revitiz.

This is god sent. It’s a mixture of vitamins, minerals and more awesome goodness for hair, nails and skin! Woot woot!

I consume it once a day and I have been on it for two months. When I first took it. There was a remarkable change even in the first week. It ain’t too costly, it is below RM50. You can find it on Shopee too. My mum is now a consumer too. She used to consume Sugardoll. But changes were insignificant. So when she noticed the change in my hair. She switched to Revitiz.

These four products have helped me restore my hair. My hair does not drop anymore. Baby hair is popping everywhere due to the serum, my hair is manageable too. My hair is due for a hair cut and is a lil dry but it’s so healthy due to this vitamin I am on.

Try it for yourselves, you can purchase it here too.

Here’s a selfie to prove my point. I don’t curl nor iron my hair often. I’m kinda lazy from time to time as work can be overwhelming at times. Yet my hair still looks bomb!

So if you are big on hair or like big hair, give this a go. Hope this helps.

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