Beauty Resolution

Do you already feel like barfing at the word resolution?

This is a slightly different kind of resolution, definitely for the better but from a different angle.

As I get older my skin changes, the needs and condition to it also changes. I’ve been an avid user of Dermalogica since I was 23. I’m not one who changes products easily. However, throughout my loyalty with Dermalogica, I did have a change at the product range.My skin is indeed very sensitive and I am very skeptical with local facial products but I’m slowly opening up to off the shelf brands. But I’m always up to improving my skin and beauty rituals.

Get a facial mapping done.
It’s 2017, due time for me to get my next mapping. I somewhat think my current range is no longer suitable for my skin or is this stress showing itself? Maybe it’s just stress and age playing catch up.

DIY Facials – Weekly Basis
I am big on home facials as I rarely have time to plonk myself in a facial bed and get myself treated. So perhaps this would help. I will try my best to not pop my pimples. I do scrub on alternate days but I need to mask my face more often. I can’t seem to find my Mud Face Pack which frustrates me. So many things gone missing within my own space.

I’m going to try my best to treat myself to the hands of expert every quarter. As I get older, perhaps this is required. Need to ensure the elasticity of my skin stays intact. Gonna start scouting either continue with Dermalogica or Babor or maybe try Aunty Molly.

Back in my previous advertising days, I used to get a proper blowout every weekend. I had a package that allowed me to just get my hair nicely shampooed and a great head massage followed by an awesome blowout. Hey did I hear the weekend calling?! Going to do this on a monthly basis.

Mani + Pedi
This used to be done on a monthly basis till I started The Great Indoors in 2011. My work covered me in too much dirt, debris and paint that I couldn’t be bothered. To add to it, I don’t know how to have long nails.

Yerp, I’m guilty for not drinking enough water on a daily basis. Why so? I pee too often which can be irritating especially when I have to zone myself for work. But I can’t avoid this need now. Need to get myself another bottle aka tumbler cause Lil Nine left it at site when I was building W2.
I have a kitten mug at work that mum got for me. It’s small but it is really the greatest. Whenever I run out of water, I need to get up to refill. So I automatically take breaks and rest my precious eyes. Getting it cut once scares the shit out of me.

Hair Mask
I’m definitely going to do this on a weekly basis. I still have my supplies from JKT and LDN that I need to finish up. I also want to boost my hair growth. Having mid length hair is kind of a hassle as I need to always blow it properly. When my hair is long, it’s much easier to maintain and my crazy waves and curls kicks in. More coconut and blacker hair! Yay!

Who is guilty of not getting their hair trimmed on a 3 month basis? ME!!! I’ve never followed this rule. Thank goodness I use very minimal chemical on my hair so it’s always healthy. My hairstylist, Nic is amazed at my hair’s strength and health.

Proper Makeup Techniques
I’m really bad with applying make up. I had just recently discovered how to use a foundation brush. Sadly my beauty blender from Primark is missing or else I could have given that a go!
I’m so bad with makeup that my eyeshadow is never the same on both eyes. My mum has to do the final check and sometimes she just does it all for me.
I’ve actually gone for events with crooked eyeliners and different tone of eyeshadow. Yerp, silly ain’t it?

Wear More Lipstick
Uhuh! I was never big on this keeping myself close to just my nudes. I’m gonna try to wear more colours on a daily basis. I’m gonna try to be a bit more bold. Not something I do, but feck life is short nay?

Trash Out Old Makeup
You do know makeup comes with an expiry. I’ve written about it before here (click link to read). Since I rarely wear makeup, a lot has gone bad. Most look crisp new cause I only use them when I have a wedding or an event. Even when I partied, I don’t slap on much makeup. Eyeshadow only makes an appearance about twice a year!
Just threw out some Estee Lauder, Lancome, Bobbi Brown and a few more into the bin. Feels kinda sad though.
I intend to look for a neutral/brown hue that is one shade darker than my skin and also my go to black. Will keep my eyeshadow collection at bay so it does not go to waste again. Maybe I’d buy them when I need to use them.
Everytime I head to LDN, I’d be stocking up and I’ve yet to even  use some of them. My god. So KIASU!!! However, my No 7’s always run out quick. Need to focus.

My friends have just raised this matter to me a few days back. Little did I know this is a necessity. Will use the face sunblock he got for me last year. Will continue to lather lotion on my body as per usual.

Face Massage
Will try to do this every alternate day.

Something I want to check out this year. Who knows if it really is good? Do tell.

Anyways, these are my beauty resolution for this year onwards. Hope this follows through for my own benefits. You have any of your own you want to share? Or any of your favourite products? I’m all ears.

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If It Gets Too Much

Life has not been a bed of roses of late. Things had been topsy turvy for me. Sigh the challenges I have had faced this year alone. This few months to be exact has been hell. There are many ways to cope with it and here are some of my best tips!

  1. Take a long hot shower or bath. (I love the later with a good book, soothing music and scented candles, ahh bliss)
  2. Deep condition your hair. Either a hair mask or just your regular conditioner would do. Cover your hair with your shower cap. Wait say 15 minutes.
  3. Scrub your face. Clean your pores. Mask your face. A lil home facial would do your skin good.
  4. Escape with your favourite TV shows.
  5. Light a candle.
  6. Cook!
  7. Paint your nails a happy colour!
  8. Draw, colour or even paint.
  9. Write in your journal.
  10. Have your favourite dessert or ice cream.
  11. Listen to your favourite song and dance a lil. Let loose.
  12. Take a deep breathe. Restratergize.
  13. Go for a drive. Anywhere.
  14. Have a cup of coffee or tea. It could be at home or even in a cafe.
  15. Go for a run. It would be a swim or hitting the gym for me.
  16. Switch off your phone.

I now put my phone on sleep mode, it helps me zone out and get more solid rest. I did not realize how much I needed it till late. Thank goodness for the 5 reading incident.

Hope them tips helps! Stay golden. Stay classy.

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Today is 1 Muharram 1438, a new year in the Islamic calendar of 354 days.
A new year means new beginnings. He is the greatest by giving us so many days in a year to reset and start afresh. Truly, I as a mere mortal sometimes take this for granted.

I was in London for a while. I’ve been in the dumps in so many aspects of my life. I had gone through severe depression, anxiety, angry, upset and much more. Most we’re due to my professional life. I had been cheated, used and so forth. It was a very dark stage in my life.

Despite it, there was always that one silver lining, he. He was there for me to nag, remind, encourage, hold my hand, advise and help me out. For that, I am truly grateful.

As I was leaving for London, he told me to take time. To clear my mind, my thoughts and reshuffle everything. I thought it was not possible but I did it.

When I came home, I had so many buzzing thoughts in my head. I haven’t been able to share it with him but Insyallah, Allah will grant me the time to share it with him. I did manage to pen it down. I hope he will be proud of it.

On another note, I will try my very best to let go of the past. As an Aries, I tend to hold on to the grudge. Some incidents had happened and made me very paranoid and insecure. Today, boldly I had taken the first physical step to let it go. I came to realize, it was holding me back from my own happiness. As for my confidence, I will regain it in good time.

Sometimes in life, we get to consume with everything around us and forget what should be prioritized. I’ve written it down in my brand spanking new organizer! I told you I took the advise seriously.

Right now I just need one thing to achieve all my goals and this pursuit of happiness, Sushi. Loads of Sushi time.


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Go Easy on Yourself

I for one am very hard on myself. I set goals, various types of goals for that matter. I set timelines too. Sounds crazy but it keeps me motivated.

Lately, things have not been going the way I planned and hoped it would. Work has been hell with client’s failure to understand and respect T+C’s, process flow, chain of command and etc. Will elaborate this in another designated post.It has been bad for me in all honesty but I kept on going. Despite the lack of funds, I kept the faith. I spread myself thin on a few projects at one go. Learning and exploring the chemistry with new team players.

Sadly when the chemistry with the players were awesome, the receiving end gave much problems. I tried, I hold on, pushed forward but I had to call it quits. I just couldn’t take it. I was too stressed. My body and skin was showing obvious signs of stress. I was constantly tired and edgy.

It hit me when I really enjoyed my nephew’s company so much. The cheekiness and how naive he was. I had much fun being silly with him and he had a fit laughing at me. That was when I realized, I too need to cut some slack on myself. Take it slow. Pause. Inhale and exhale at my own pace.

I’m still learning to not beat myself up. To smell the flowers as I go. I’m currently taking some time off to restratergize myself and my life.

Wish me luck!

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