20 for 2020

2020, a year that excites me to the core. This is the year I will be getting married!!!

All, my life marriage was never a priority or excitement. I never once teared up at a wedding. But after meeting him and how our relationship smoothly transitioned into each phase. Here I am all excited to be his wife.

I don’t exactly have resolutions set for each year but I did have this list last year which I aced half of it. Yayyers!

So here goes my 20 for 2020 :

    I need to get back on track. I took a break when I was sick a few months ago. I was in too much pain to even stand up properly, let alone fit in a workout into my life. February is the perfect time to kickstart as I will be back in KL after my sabbatical. I need to look my best during my wedding too.
    This has been my life long constant struggle as I have a very rapid metabolism rate and “tiny” bladder issues. But will try harder. He is constantly making me drink more and even gets me my favourite Volvic water to encourage me.
    I tend to forget this. Sigh. Since health is a priority, this should be on top of the list too!
    I have tried this in 2019, ah such bliss to wakeup and focus on myself. Do other things before checking my crazy handphone for work updates, Social Media, Chats and more. A little zen in the morning will go a long way to set my mood.
    The culprit would be work and my phone. I get distracted by it. I will try to pray once I hear the Azan. NO DELAYS! Allah does not delay, so I should NOT delay him too.
    I  have done this a couple of times at the same cycle every month and it has helped me tremendously. It helped with me with the growth, more like shrinking the growth. Alhamdulillah. Will continue this for as long as I can. Plus getting massages for this tired body is just blissful.
    I am turning 35 this year, I need to get serious with my skin. Being in the UK for a long period has definitely increased my crow-feet. Skin is so dry here and my pores look huge and clogged suddenly. Need to also have that wedding glow, ya know. Hehe.
  8. TRY PRP
    This was a suggestion from Mama, she said at that glow. Plus it will make my skin so much better after my saga with hormone pills last year. Scared but curious. Any comments on this anybody?
    I have the GoodReads app which helps me keep on track with my reading and it has been slow. I do still read many articles online. But I must continue reading my hardcopy Chic Lits. They really do help me destress.
    We text each other everyday cause clearly we miss each other and need to be in communication all the time. But since his Masters in Psychology is pretty challenging and I’m going to be more swamped with my clients, we are going to try to a date night per week and text less in the day. He says it will make me miss him even more. So we shall give this a go.
    I will save this for a different blog post, don’t know if you want to know about it. But it would be my online Wedding Checklist.
    In preparation for the wedding and because my armchairs are in dire need of an upholster.
    It has been a while. Alhamdulillah they are healthy but they deserve a check-up and professional grooming. Miss them so much!!!
    This has got to be my favourite of it all. I love throwing out unused and rarely used items. I also throw out or sell them off. It makes me feel so much better after that.
    Nowadays, I will only buy something after I have sold something. More like a self-justification of my purchases. It’s quite rewarding I must say.
    Less plastic. Sort by type. Recycle trash. Bring my recyclable bags wherever I go. Bring my Stojo out. Bring my metal straws. The list to do better will and must be done.
    If you follow my work Social Media, I have posted up a posting in search of an intern and soon a subordinate. Alhamdulillah, things are getting better. Renewed contract too.
    This is key cause I tend to reduce my price just to stay afloat. But the work I put in does not justify or I am being taken for granted of. Will speak more about work in my future post.
    I am surrounded by the above and it has taken a mental and emotional toll on me. I have managed to block out some, but the list continues this year. I have to do this for my own growth, self-respect, integrity and mental health.
  20. BE FIRM
    When I say no, it means no. When I say yes, it means yes. When I tell you this is how it should be, that’s how it should be. If my contract states that, that’s what you get.

Anyways, those are my major goals for this year. Would love to be a more holistic person this 2020. Hope you all have an amazing one! Do share your thoughts.

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The Shoe Sin

Every woman looks great wearing high heels, and every woman feels sexy in them. High heels are adored,

cherished, desired and wanted by women. It is a compulsive addiction that is fetishized by women. Women

idolize glamorous celebrities who are highly fashionable and they are always in high heels, as it instantly

jazzes up an outfit.

Though killer high heels can create an instant uplift to an outfit, this pair of shoes brings so much

discomfort to the wearer. But the question is “Why do women wear high heels?”

I conducted a survey among my friends and in results, to it, they said they wear high heels to accentuate

their legs. High heels create an illusion of slimmer, slender and lengthen their legs. Hence, they appear

taller and lankier.

Men are also a culprit for making women suffer in high heels. In a man’s opinion, women appear sexier and

more appealingly seducing in high heels. This is due to the persona of raw sexual appeal. Women would go

to an extreme to please men. So they will wear ridiculously high heels just to impress.

A fashionista would still wear high heels though they know that there are consequences to wearing them.

This is because they have a mindset that says “Fashion has its price”. High heel wearers look like they have

tiny dainty feet. It makes them appear feminine.

Sexually enhanced posture and added height provides empowerment for high heel wearers and conveys an

autonomous and feminine message to the society. It also boasts more pronounced and curved breasts

and a fuller rounder butt. It also contracts the calves of the wearer. Wearing high heels also enhance the

backbone as it does not allow wearers to slouch. High heels emphasize all the aspects that are considered

to belong to a woman’s physical sexual attributes. It creates a level of authority, feminine power and


High heels may be something that all fashionistas or women, in general, go nuts about but it also brings

short term and many long term effects to its wearer. When a woman wears high heels, she loses her

balances as her centre of gravity is displaced and it makes her walk weirdly. It can cause a sprain or a broken


High heels also redistribute your weight, creating unnatural pressure points and throwing your body’s

natural alignment out of whack. High heels also make you walk with your legs sprawling outwards like a

duck. High heels also generally force u to stand up straight to keep your balance while wearing it.

“Bridging” occurs when the heel is raised from the ball of the feet during the period of wearing high heels.

The lack of mid-foot support can cause arch problems. The foot that is lifted and resting on a downward slope

puts a lot of pressure on the toes especially the big toe. This symptom is known as the fore-and-aft slippage

that encourages calluses under the ball of the foot or the large toe. A woman’s stride and skin friction while

walking determine how bad a callus are. If it gets worst it turns into corns.

Another long-term side-effect would be the Achilles’ tendon, this is when the tendon is inflamed due to

pressure and rubbing of the heel cup against the tendon. Not only does it cause inflammation of the

tendon but it can also cause shortening of the tendon and hamstrings. This is thanks to the reduced angle

at the ankle. Tendons shrink when they aren’t stretched regularly. Foot deformation can occur due to

excessive usage of high heels. If you think this is just it, you are wrong. High heels are also linked to knee

arthritis and back problems. High heels can also increase neck problems and also muscle cramp around the

whole body especially the thighs and the back. High heel wearing also hurts the pelvic area and the lower


High heels can lead to ugly foot development such as corns, bunions, calluses, hammertoes and claw toe.

Other than that it could also bring a negative impact towards bone injury.

High heels are the biggest leading factor of foot problem among women. Women also have a higher

tendency of getting foot problem compared to men. As women go on wearing their beloved high heels,

their foot hurts. It gets worst as women start to age.

It’s said that “Women may `wear’ slippers, `put on’ sneakers and `slip into’ loafers, but they `dress’ in high


So to all fashion-conscious women out there, high heels do make you appear taller, sexier and more

confident but it also brings nasty long term effects. It’s all in your hands to slip into what shoe is the best

for you. But if I were you, I’d wear high heels for special occasions while the rest I’d wear flat shoes or

slightly shorter heels.

Wrote this for Frock.Paper.Scissors. A fashion magazine by QUT, Australia in 2007.

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For Sale – Sneakers

When you date a sneakerhead, this is what you get. Unused or rarely used sneakers. Since we both love to purge our closet as it feels good. Here are some of the sneakers from his personal collection for sale.


See anything you fancy? Drop me a line to inquire. You can even comment here too.

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T+C, Contracts and The Law

Being quiet doesn’t mean someone is hiding, scared or in the wrong. Sometimes keeping mum is fun to watch and let stupidity occur around us. Taking a stepback also means we know what we are evaluating and have our own reasons.

Many occurence of mine has been truly odd, overly demanding whims of clients without reading, understanding or even complying to what they had agree upon. But many failed to comply and just go on a crazy rampage. I’m fine by it because it was all clearly stated in my Terms and Conditions, Contracts and because the law is there for injustice.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 1.39.32 AM

There is always two sides to a story but do feel free to run your mouth or be a keyboard warrior. I’ll take the high road.

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