Oh Buttercup!

I’m very selective with my cakes. I like them a certain way. A certain design. A certain taste/flavour.

My favourite birthday cake has got to be Chocolate Lady from Angel’s Cake House. A cake shop that no longer exist. The cake is pure divine. Two layers of moist chocolate cake stuck together with a generous layer of chocolate. Topped with chocolate and randomly shaved cooking chocolate. Surprisingly it isn’t too sweet.

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Squared, what about it?

There are one too many uncertainties in life right about now. We have now moved into RMCO till 31 August 2020. Alhamdulillah, the virus is more manageable, the nation is more aware and vigilant about it too.

More businesses have resumed to help elevate the economy. I myself am trying to secure more jobs. Increase sales for GITU, venture into other things as well. Did I mention, GITU’s sales during the MCO was exceptional, it sky-rocketed within days. We are running low on stock for many SKUs.

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Always Do Better

In life, career, friendship, relationship, family and basically everything that is worth your time investment, do better. How you approach things before, if it was good keep it up. If it wasn’t improve but never discount it.

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Travelled Into The Picture

This was an image that I had saved on Tumblr many moons ago. Yes, I am of the Tumblr generation. I had Friendster and Multiply as well.

I also saved it onto my Pinterest board called Of Places.

Why did I save it? I’ve always been captivated by the beauty of a carousel and I love horses. They are strong and sexy. Wild and free yet loyal.

Every time I spot a carousel, I would stop and snap a picture. This image was also my phone’s background for the longest time.

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6 Weeks In

It has been six weeks since the Malaysian government declared the Restriction of Movement. It started on 18 March 2020 and has been extended till 12 May 2020.

I didn’t think much about it as I have always been working from home. Occasionally I would go out for meetings, work from cafes with a good cup of coffee and you know just out with family and friends for meals or random shopping needs. So I thought, hey this is just my normal routine. But boy was I so wrong.

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It Ain’t All That Bad

The whole world is on an indefinite pause, things are really uncertain right about now. Don’t fret, this could be good. This is what everyone needs for a bit. Slow down. Enjoy the time in your hands. Let mother nature rest too. Insyallah, it will all be over soon. Amin. #flattenthecurve

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