Not The Same

Different people, different stroke.

I strongly believe in this saying. It’s so simple yet explains how different individuals do things. I don’t think it is bad. I think there is strength in everyone. There is always good in the bad.

However, not everyone thinks so. Which is sad. Because if society saw this as a plus point, together we can achieve so much more. Leverage on each other’s strength.

I for one know that I am not build like you or you or even you. I am my own woman, with my own strengths and weaknesses. I am perfectly imperfect with room to improve and grow. But today, my positivity took the best of me.

It saddens me time and time of how this basic thing isn’t recognized. I have never expected anybody to be me or to be like me. I accept people the way they are without judging, if they don’t tickle my fancy, I will walk away and save myself from it.

This current situation that I am in has proven itself that it is set to doom on loop. I expected more thinking that experience would give it an upper-hand but I’ve been proven wrong multiple times.

Two of my greatest strength are :

  1. Play pretend
  2. Selling smoke

However, it is not noticed. My background and accomplishments carries no weight to it cause nothing can be seen beyond it. My award says a lot but nothing to who does not want to appreciate the strength of others.

Do I prevail or do I go back to my own strength and rely on myself.

I am pass the age and stage of life where I wanna be consumed by misery, happiness is key to me. My sanity too.

Ya Allah give me the right guidance and strength to push through a lil bit more.

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