Damn If I Do, Damn If I Don’t

I was once told to my face that I was incapable of love. Few months down the road I fell in love. But oh well, the intense dating only brought me down in shambles.

Someone once described me as staunch. Not moved by certain funny gestures as I had rules for myself that I lived by. But that someone had more rules for himself that he broke but couldn’t bend his rules based on his own mistakes for me.

Three years should do the trick. But it’s already three and nothing seems to change.

Fixed my tooth. But never capped it well. Now it hurts.

I love cars. I took care of my old car so dearly. This car, was scratch not by me. It makes me sad looking at how comot it is. But upgrades are always equalled to higher cost.

Be there for friends in times of death, breakups and so forth. My low points, where are they?

Exercise, not enough sleep. What’s the point?

Why Bother

It’s 0315 hours on a Monday. Which would mean our official off days. I have been sick for the pass few days, literally too weak to get out of bed.

Work has been endless since September 2013. Initially thought of having a break, but it really doesn’t seem like it would be happening anytime soon.

I’m really tired, no longer up to game. Forgetting things. I’m trying to have a better lifestyle by exercising but it’s really pointless when I work til the wee hours daily. My body gets no downtime to recup. Falling sick last week was a warning but I have been working still.

I really don’t want to land myself in the hospital but maybe that would be my vacay?!

I’m going to try and get some sleep now and wake up for a meeting on a non-working day.

Oh well, sigh.

Perfectly Imperfect

“I am a flawed person. A brook with many stones, a clear blue sky with many blackbirds. I have many shortcomings. A rainbow that’s not long enough, a starry night with clouds. But I can only be thankful to the God who loves me just this way, and I can only be grateful to the people in my life who accept the clear blue sky with many blackbirds and who are patient with the rainbow that isn’t long enough. And because of this, I am taught love, because of this I love my God, and I love these people.”


C. JoyBell C.

In Awe

I am very much indeed upset with the toll price hike and obviously the many others that will follow suit. I am relatively ok with the electricity hike of 15% due to the removal of subsidy. I personally think at some point, us, Malaysians are sheltered and pampered by the government.

But the toll price hike is outrageous to me. This is due to the fact that there is no other alternative to getting from point A to point B swiftly and safe. The ongoing MRT project that was set to be done in 2016 is now estimated to be completed in 2017. So while we await this saviour, we have to suffer? The petrol hike was already a crazy ordeal for us who drives about for work and now an additional increase to get to our destinations? Geez.

Highway tolls are implemented to help the authorities or the company that built them highways to recuperate the funds that was invested into building this convenience for us. But there is a certain duration that this is allowed. That’s pretty obvious as as years go by, the number of vehicles using the highway increase and to a point, I am sure they have hit the ROI. Hitting the ROI might be faster and easier due to the below :

1. Increase of vehicle using the facility by the year
2. Toll fee hike that happens ever so often with and without announcement.
With the above stated point, do we really need such crazy price hike? How can I particularly cope with it? I am a highway user, I swear by it as I hate stopping at traffic lights and unnecessary traffic jams.

I work/run an online company that requires me to meet clients at random locations, discuss work with the suppliers and obviously sourcing and stocking of products.

I agree to a certain extend that I may sound like I am overreacting but I know I will be impacted. I will feel the pain.

In many ways I am disappointed at how the government is tackling this issue. What convenience is this to us, especially the middle income earners.

“The rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer. The middle ones gets squeezed.”