Double 8

Tok, it is your birthday today. You would have been 88. It seems like only yesterday I was running about time in between my crazy schedule to sort out items for your small do.

I’ve missed you. Your wise words. Your scent. Your abrupt and unexpected brutal comments and advices. 

I’m grateful I had the chance to take care of you during your trying time. You’ve taught me to never be weak. Always stay strong. Fight till the end. 

If I could have just another day with you, I would take you out even if it was for work. Buy you rojak, I’ve stopped eating the rojak cause I miss you so much. 

Tok, sometimes when things are so bad in my life. I wish you could stroke my hair. It calms me down. Crazy enough sometimes I wish to be with you. 

I miss you Tok. Al-fatihah. 


Here is you and I on your 87th.  

Thick Pockets

Sometimes in a harsh world like ours. We really are nothing if we don’t have thick pockets. We are worthy of none to others if we can’t offer wealth and materialism to others. I have always been unfortunate in this area and tonight is when I have felt the tiniest ever in life. I have so much more that I can offer as a person and with my two hands. But alas the world’s cruelty does injustice to me.