Things I Don’t Tell About WFH

WFH – Work From Home

A lot of people are pretty psyched over WFH due to this pandemic. But let me drill a few truth about WFH.

That’s me working while on a quick break in Penang. This hotel was all sorts of beautiful and tickles my fancy.

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Hair Matters

If you are anything like me, you’d love all things hair and take pride in it. You’d love this! This post is more about hair care and hair supplements that I had recently discovered.

The thing about me is, I travel quite often. My travel duration can go up to a month or two. Making it quite impossible to use the same shampoo and conditioner pairing that I use in KL. One of my favourite sets is pretty difficult to find it KL lately and it can be pricey. So sometimes, I skim on my products. Which can be BAD!

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Squared, what about it?

There are one too many uncertainties in life right about now. We have now moved into RMCO till 31 August 2020. Alhamdulillah, the virus is more manageable, the nation is more aware and vigilant about it too.

More businesses have resumed to help elevate the economy. I myself am trying to secure more jobs. Increase sales for GITU, venture into other things as well. Did I mention, GITU’s sales during the MCO was exceptional, it sky-rocketed within days. We are running low on stock for many SKUs.

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Always Do Better

In life, career, friendship, relationship, family and basically everything that is worth your time investment, do better. How you approach things before, if it was good keep it up. If it wasn’t improve but never discount it.

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