Hair Matters

If you are anything like me, you’d love all things hair and take pride in it. You’d love this! This post is more about hair care and hair supplements that I had recently discovered.

The thing about me is, I travel quite often. My travel duration can go up to a month or two. Making it quite impossible to use the same shampoo and conditioner pairing that I use in KL. One of my favourite sets is pretty difficult to find it KL lately and it can be pricey. So sometimes, I skim on my products. Which can be BAD!

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20 for 2020

2020, a year that excites me to the core. This is the year I will be getting married!!!

All, my life marriage was never a priority or excitement. I never once teared up at a wedding. But after meeting him and how our relationship smoothly transitioned into each phase. Here I am all excited to be his wife.

I don’t exactly have resolutions set for each year but I did have this list last year which I aced half of it. Yayyers!

So here goes my 20 for 2020 :

    I need to get back on track. I took a break when I was sick a few months ago. I was in too much pain to even stand up properly, let alone fit in a workout into my life. February is the perfect time to kickstart as I will be back in KL after my sabbatical. I need to look my best during my wedding too.
    This has been my life long constant struggle as I have a very rapid metabolism rate and “tiny” bladder issues. But will try harder. He is constantly making me drink more and even gets me my favourite Volvic water to encourage me.
    I tend to forget this. Sigh. Since health is a priority, this should be on top of the list too!
    I have tried this in 2019, ah such bliss to wakeup and focus on myself. Do other things before checking my crazy handphone for work updates, Social Media, Chats and more. A little zen in the morning will go a long way to set my mood.
    The culprit would be work and my phone. I get distracted by it. I will try to pray once I hear the Azan. NO DELAYS! Allah does not delay, so I should NOT delay him too.
    I  have done this a couple of times at the same cycle every month and it has helped me tremendously. It helped with me with the growth, more like shrinking the growth. Alhamdulillah. Will continue this for as long as I can. Plus getting massages for this tired body is just blissful.
    I am turning 35 this year, I need to get serious with my skin. Being in the UK for a long period has definitely increased my crow-feet. Skin is so dry here and my pores look huge and clogged suddenly. Need to also have that wedding glow, ya know. Hehe.
  8. TRY PRP
    This was a suggestion from Mama, she said at that glow. Plus it will make my skin so much better after my saga with hormone pills last year. Scared but curious. Any comments on this anybody?
    I have the GoodReads app which helps me keep on track with my reading and it has been slow. I do still read many articles online. But I must continue reading my hardcopy Chic Lits. They really do help me destress.
    We text each other everyday cause clearly we miss each other and need to be in communication all the time. But since his Masters in Psychology is pretty challenging and I’m going to be more swamped with my clients, we are going to try to a date night per week and text less in the day. He says it will make me miss him even more. So we shall give this a go.
    I will save this for a different blog post, don’t know if you want to know about it. But it would be my online Wedding Checklist.
    In preparation for the wedding and because my armchairs are in dire need of an upholster.
    It has been a while. Alhamdulillah they are healthy but they deserve a check-up and professional grooming. Miss them so much!!!
    This has got to be my favourite of it all. I love throwing out unused and rarely used items. I also throw out or sell them off. It makes me feel so much better after that.
    Nowadays, I will only buy something after I have sold something. More like a self-justification of my purchases. It’s quite rewarding I must say.
    Less plastic. Sort by type. Recycle trash. Bring my recyclable bags wherever I go. Bring my Stojo out. Bring my metal straws. The list to do better will and must be done.
    If you follow my work Social Media, I have posted up a posting in search of an intern and soon a subordinate. Alhamdulillah, things are getting better. Renewed contract too.
    This is key cause I tend to reduce my price just to stay afloat. But the work I put in does not justify or I am being taken for granted of. Will speak more about work in my future post.
    I am surrounded by the above and it has taken a mental and emotional toll on me. I have managed to block out some, but the list continues this year. I have to do this for my own growth, self-respect, integrity and mental health.
  20. BE FIRM
    When I say no, it means no. When I say yes, it means yes. When I tell you this is how it should be, that’s how it should be. If my contract states that, that’s what you get.

Anyways, those are my major goals for this year. Would love to be a more holistic person this 2020. Hope you all have an amazing one! Do share your thoughts.

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Girl Being

Wrote this in 2009! Posted it up on Facebook under Notes. Why not share this awesome thoughts and tips of mine for us girls! We awesome yo!

Being a girl is fun. Though I must admit the period part sucks. The pain and discomfort that we have to go through are so not funny at all.

I love being a girl as we can play dress up a lot. Slap on the make up to look pretty and always being able to shop without a reason. I have some basic rules that I follow religiously and try to do in being a girl. It’s just something in life that I find important. Guys love a girl who takes care of themselves and takes pride in themselves as well. Love yourself girls and have pride and dignity for you. 

Let’s start from the top. 

1. Wash your hair as often as you can. Especially if you have oily hair or oily scalp. 
2. Invest in a good shampoo, conditioner and hair cream. Pay a bit more for a better shampoo to get stunning hair. 
3. Brush it, so it doesn’t tangle. Guys love smooth and soft hair. They’d want to run their fingers through it. 
4. Cut your hair to frame and highlight your features. 
5. Colour your roots on a monthly basis so it does not look odd. 
6. Never leave home with wet hair. 

1. Cleanse tone and moisturize everyday. 
2. Wash your face at least twice a day. 
3. Remember to always remove your make up thoroughly. 
4. Scrub the face once a week at least. 
5. Mask the face once a week at the minimum. 
6. Use a facial tissue to wipe it dry. Toilet papers are rough on the skin. 

1. Always keep your eyebrows trimmed and groomed. It makes a big impact on the face.
2. Curl the eyelashes before you step out of the house. It perks the face instantly ;p 
3. Make up yourself whenever you’re going out. A guy may always claim that a girl is pretty when she is natural and without make up. But his jaws drops at a hot girl with make up on. A little blusher and a hint of lip gloss won’t hurt. 
4. If you’re eyes are your assets. Paint it with colours or circle it with eyeliners. But remember don’t over due it at the lips. Keep the rest minimal. 
5. If you have lusciously full lips, opt for drastic lips with minimal make up else where. 
6. Highlight them cheekbones with bronzers, blusher or highlighters. 
7. For fair skin go for sweet pink hues. For tan skin go bronze, gold or orange. 
8. Oh yes, please don’t forget to powder the neck. So it does not stand out too much from the face. 
9. Invest in a good foundation and powder. So it matches your skin tone. 

1. Use a good shower cream or gel. If you like them in bar form. Get a good one. 
2. Deodorants are a necessity. Never leave home without wearing them. It does wonders. 
3. Remember to lather lotion on yourself after every shower. It keeps your skin moisturized and subtle. 
4. If you are going to be exposed in the sun for long, please do not forget your sun block. Preferably water based. 
5. Cologne or perfume is up to you actually. It’s a good habit though. 

1. Always shave or wax your legs. It makes you feel confident and sexy. It’s freaky for a guy to see girls with hair just as much as theirs. Haha. 
2. Do not forget to pluck, shave or wax those armpit hairs. It isn’t sexy if you are wearing sleeveless and you have hair there. 
3. Pubic hair – keep it trimmed, waxed, shaved or whatever you like. As long as it does not creep out your panties and pants. It is not a pretty sight to be seen. 
4. If you have long arm hair. Do not be ashamed of it. You didn’t ask god to make you hairy. Instead, you could get it waxed, shaved or removed via laser. Or just deal with it. 

1. Please remember to remove them chipped nail polishes. It’s tacky. 
2. If you like long nails, keep it in shaped. Not too long or you’d look like a skanky prostitute. 
3. If you like them short, don’t forget to trim them away. 
4. If you have long nails, don’t let the tips go yellow. If it does, it’s cutting time. 
5. As for the toe nails, don’t keep it too long as it can break easily and also don’t start collecting dirt. It’s disgusting. 

1. Don’t forget to scrub your feet. 
2. Use a pumice stone to soften the heels. 

1. Always wear clean and ironed clothes. 
2. Wear clothes that flatter your figure and not what is in fashion. 
3. Not everything that looks nice on a model or in the catalogue looks nice on you. 
4. NEVER clash prints with prints. 
5. Jeans are a wardrobe must. 
6. Try the outfit and check yourself in the mirror. 
7. Check if the hemline is too short and reveals unwanted coffee shop to the world. 
8. Wear tights or shorts if the dress is too short. 
9. Wear a tube top or singlet if the top is revealing unwanted bra or cleavage. 

1. Always have a black bra and black panties if you are wearing a black outfit. 
2. Wear skin tone or white bra if you are wearing a white top. 
3. NEVER wear grandma’s panties. 
4. Buy a pantie that fits and collects your ass. 
5. Wear support panties, if your ass droops or needs support. 
6. Wear a thong if you’re wearing white pants. Or wear skin coloured or white panties. 
7. If you’re wearing a short that’s tad too short, wear a panty that matches or wear box shorts or girl boxers. 
8. When you’re wearing stockings, wear the same colour panties. If the stockings is loose, wear a small little tights inside and tuck the stockings inwards. 

1. A girl can never have too many of these. 
2. Black shoes and bags are a basic necessity. 
3. You must have a pair of black slippers, black sandals, black pumps, black flats and black heels. 
4. Buy shoes or bags that are not too outstanding if you don’t own much shoes to match. A contrast is not always good. 
5. Invest in good long lasting handbags. 
6. Carry a big bag when you go shopping. Carry a small dinner bag for those night outs. Sling bags are great to the clubs or clutches too. 
7. Wear the right sure for the right event. Don’t try wearing heels to a beach or outdoor event. Don’t play yourself as a fool. 

1. It adds character to an outfit. 
2. Don’t overdo it. Keep it minimal. 
3. Don’t pair gold with silver. 
4. Loops are the safest bet. 

Well, here are some of the things that I live by and can remember as for now. Hope this sharing moment of mine was useful to you. Do add any if you know or practice it. 

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Define Beauty

So my client Lurelle Beauty is running a super simple contest/giveaway. Where all you need to do is share your definition of beauty, tag 2 friends.

We will then choose and announce the lucky/creative winner! Just one winner ok. The prize is a mystery gift of all things girly!

Contest runs till 6 March 2019! Hurry and join now!

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Economical Beauty

My first taste of entrepreneurship was in 2008. That was when I got back from Brisbane. It started off as a side income to pay for my car. I sold clothes online or better known as a blogshop.

It was new to us in KL. Initially, I started sourcing locally, the choice was rather limited. You had to have the eye for what’s going to be in fashion and also not sell the exact thing your competitors did. Though it might seem like a small hobby to some. I actually registered my blogshop and even had a legit company account. My earnings were really steady and clothes sold out super fast.

My dad noticed how well it did and invested in it. Off I went to Guangzhou to shop! Oh, boy, did I shop! I even quit my day job as I was so stressed and suffered acute gastric too.

However, I did go back to a 9-5 again while maintaining my blogshop. I then co-founded another business that was also online based that eventually turned into a fulltime gruelling offline job.

2011 was when I ditched the corporate life for good. A thing about being an entrepreneur that I must be honest with you is the pay. You will definitely take a pay cut when you start. Some months you’d get paid late. Some months you’d get paid less. Some months there won’t even be enough to pay yourself. Eventually, it will get better, but there will be some dry spells depending on the nature of your business.

Due to my financial standing as an entrepreneur, I decided to save where I could. The first thing that I cut off from my day to day spending was coffee. Coffee is a mad love of mine. Nowadays, it is a self-reward when I nailed a brief or score a new client. Some rare occasions it would be a pick me up on my shittier creative rut days.

The second thing that went down the drain was my blow-outs. The third was the facials. I now do home facials which can be an absolutely relaxing thing. But I’m guilty of slapping a mask own while working.

The fourth is my makeup products. Nope, I didn’t ditch makeup. I got real with it. What do I mean by that? Read on.

Bobbi Brown was the first brand that I emersed myself into. My mother brought me to the counter in Jusco which was located at One Utama. I was in such awe. I had never seen so many shades of brown/nude. It was an endless train of colours. They had lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushers and so much more! It was magical. For years I swore by them for my foundation, concealer, powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and lipstick. My favourite look to achieve with Bobbi Brown would have to be the smokey eyes with nude lips.

In 2014, I discovered Rimmel London during my travels. It became my daily go to. I wore this on my day to day adventures and stuck to Bobbi Brown for special occasions. I wasn’t adventurous with makeup you see. Not only that, I had sensitive skin. So I was rather afraid of unwanted breakouts.

Despite that, I was a lil more adventurous with my lipstick. I mixed drugstore buys with high-end ones.

2018, is the year I finally opened up myself to local products. Local Malaysian products. #supportlocal!

I now use Lurelle Beauty foundation in Natural for my regular days. Especially if I’m in a rush. It is lightweight yet gives a medium coverage. No need to conceal my tired eyes! Just two pumps and I’m golden! Here’s a picture of me as proof.

I had minimal makeup on. Just foundation, eyebrow pencil, a lil blusher and a dash of lipmatte. The lipmatte is from MaryR BeautyWhat I love about Lurelle’s foundation is it’s water-based and wudhu friendly. Perfect for me who wants to pray when I’m out and about. It is also SPF35! Yup 35 ladies. Great for our scorching hot weather!

Another new found love is MaryR’s lipmattes. They come in six colours.

  1. Lily
  2. Dahlia
  3. Sakura
  4. Hydrangea
  5. Carnation
  6. Azalea

They contain Argan oil. Making it particularly great to moist the skin. I just hate chapped lips when I’m wearing lipstick. I’m currently in UK and it’s cold and dry. So this is my go to! My favourites would be Sakura and Carnation. I even took it on my recent trip to Krakow. It definitely helps add colour to my face in the negative cold weather.

If you are in the mood for some self-reward, try these brands for a change! I’m indeed more open to local brands. They are reasonable and good! If you know of any other makeup brands that I ought to try, do drop a comment. Would love to hear about it!

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Stressed Skin Solution

A few weeks ago after my Bangkok trip, my skin decided to be a rebel. It was suddenly so oily and it made me extra tan too! I even had unwanted pimples on my lower left cheek.

I was a contributor to it too as I did not properly pack my foam cleanser, so it leaked out. So my solution to a facial wash was the free hotel soap bar. That’s like beauty suicide to most of you. I’m still learning and I guess I took my skin for granted as it had improved tremendously while I was in UK.

So how did I sort my skin out once again? I cut back on my skincare routine. I went back to basics. All I did was cleanse and tone. Yup, I skipped the moisturizing part too. I scrubbed once a week. Did sheet mask twice a week. I went out without foundation unless truly required. Even if I did put on some foundation, I washed it thoroughly the moment I got home.

Go easy on your skin, it’d be golden in good time.

On another note, you can try sheet mask daily for a week. You’d be impressed at how great your skin will turn out.

Get them at Watsons, they are reasonable and good!

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All About The Hair

I have always had long, thick and healthy black hair. It can be unruly at times, but the messiness of my hair is what makes me, me. My hair carries its layers like a champ. The flow and the natural wave to my hair makes it perfect, well that’s how I like it anyway.

Taking care of my hair is a whole other story. I for one have never coloured my hair. The most I have done was I got it straightened a few times when I was much younger. For now, I try to keep my hair as natural as possible.


I would leave a homemade coconut oil in my hair overnight. This would be done before my hair is due for a wash. Why do I do this? To ensure minimal grey/white hair. Shiny jet black hair. It also maintains moisture and the softness to my hair.


I try to avoid products that have a lot of chemicals. I usually use something that is Paraben free. I enjoy exploring coconut-based products. My current favourite would be by Hask.


Once in a while, I will put on a leave-in-mask by Eclipse. I first tested it when I was in Indonesia. Don’t get me started on how awesome the hair mask in Indonesia is! Ah-mazingggg.


Here is the fun yet most tedious part of my hair routine. Before I style my hair, I would usually put a hair serum that is also a heat protector. I would try my very best to at least dry my roots with a hairdryer. I do this to avoid getting a headache or a migraine in my case. I never sleep with wet hair too.

I have a lot of hair styling tools and that’s what I want to share with you today. I have more than one hairdryer. One for travel, one for daily. I have naturally straight/wavy hair that I love. Some days I would iron it out to get super sleek hair or when I want it to look longer. I got myself a few flat irons from MagicBoo. However, I intend to get myself a new one from BabyLiss once I am in Europe. Why? Because it is much better. I have fallen in love with my bestie Baby’s fantastic GHD. I can’t afford a GHD but I’ve always loved BabyLiss. So that’d do!

My usual go to would be my BabyLiss Big Hair dryer. It has this huge rotating brush. It is LOVE! It is really great for my thick hair! It creates loose curls that really does compliment my haircut.

Some days, when I feel a little extra and girlish. I’d curl my hair with my BabyLiss thong. By now, you can tell that I am a big fan of BabyLiss. So I try to get a new hair tool whenever I go to Europe. A bad addiction I tell you.

For days where I need a lil tighter, sexier curls. I’d use my faithful BabyLiss Heated Rollers. They come in three (3) different sizes. The downside to my thong and rollers is that I can’t use it when I cut my hair short.

Which brings me to this, perhaps I ought to get myself a BabyLiss Wave Wand. See, I told you it is addictive.

If you want to see more of my hair journey, check out my Instagram. It has been short and long. Some days straight, some days crazy wavy, some days nicely defined. Some days I tie it up and some lazy days, I do a top knot.

Do share your hair tips and favourite styling tips with me! More than eager to pick up new tricks!

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Cutex If I May Call It

As a little girl, I used to follow my mum do her monthly beauty ritual. She would pop by Aunty Poi Ling’s saloon to get her facial, hair and of course mani-pedi with Aunty Pat.

I was always fascinated with how beautiful and elegant my mother’s nails would look like after. How her hands are soaked in warm water. Then cuticles removed. Cut, shaped and buffed. Some days my mum would get it painted with cutex aka Nail Polish. Some days it was bare.

My mum likes her nails slightly long in oval shape. I just love spending time watching my mum pamper herself.

As I grew up, I started having a penchant for cutex too. Oh, how they made me feel all done up. But it was something I only did when I could not pray. This was due to the fact that nail polishes are non-water permeable.

A few years ago I discovered Inglot’s water permeable range but a bit uncertain of it. Finally during my visit to Pretty Suci’s HQ that I discovered Kester Black. Obviously, I gave it ago as Baby and Kak Kai has been raving about it for months to me.

It’s Pretty Suci’s one year anniversary so many things are currently on sale. I took the opportunity to purchase a bottle. Baby warned me not to take my usual dark goth colours. So I ended up with a bottle of Spray Tan. Grab yours now or other things at as they are on sale! SALE!

So if you girls like to have nail polish all the time all the time. Try Kester Black now! You can still pray and it’s Halal too!

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On My Face

My friends and family have been asking me about my skin lately. They said I have a glow to my face. To some, I have actually answered that’s happiness right smack on my face. But to not be so cocky, I’d be sharing some of the products that I swear by on a daily basis in this post.

Hope you find it useful and perhaps will give it a go! They are all really affordable and easy to be accessed.

The items are :

  1. Facial Wash – Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam
  2. Toner – Avène Gentle Toner
  3. Serum – Rebirth Placenta Extra Concentrated Skin Serum
  4. Eye Cream – No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Eye Cream
  5. Day Moisturizer – Rebirth EMU Anti-Wrinkle Cream
  6. Night Cream – No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Night Cream
  7. Concentrated Moisturizer – Rebirth Advanced Placenta Concentrate

If I feel my skin is really dry, I’d use #7 twice in a day.

Facial Wash & TonerSerum & Day Cream
Eye Cream & Night CreamNight Cream

The items can be purchased at any leading pharmacy, while Rebirth can only be found at MagicBoo and No7 can only be purchased at Boots.

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Beauty Resolution

Do you already feel like barfing at the word resolution?

This is a slightly different kind of resolution, definitely for the better but from a different angle.

As I get older my skin changes, the needs and condition to it also changes. I’ve been an avid user of Dermalogica since I was 23. I’m not one who changes products easily. However, throughout my loyalty with Dermalogica, I did have a change at the product range.My skin is indeed very sensitive and I am very skeptical with local facial products but I’m slowly opening up to off the shelf brands. But I’m always up to improving my skin and beauty rituals.

Get a facial mapping done.
It’s 2017, due time for me to get my next mapping. I somewhat think my current range is no longer suitable for my skin or is this stress showing itself? Maybe it’s just stress and age playing catch up.

DIY Facials – Weekly Basis
I am big on home facials as I rarely have time to plonk myself in a facial bed and get myself treated. So perhaps this would help. I will try my best to not pop my pimples. I do scrub on alternate days but I need to mask my face more often. I can’t seem to find my Mud Face Pack which frustrates me. So many things gone missing within my own space.

I’m going to try my best to treat myself to the hands of expert every quarter. As I get older, perhaps this is required. Need to ensure the elasticity of my skin stays intact. Gonna start scouting either continue with Dermalogica or Babor or maybe try Aunty Molly.

Back in my previous advertising days, I used to get a proper blowout every weekend. I had a package that allowed me to just get my hair nicely shampooed and a great head massage followed by an awesome blowout. Hey did I hear the weekend calling?! Going to do this on a monthly basis.

Mani + Pedi
This used to be done on a monthly basis till I started The Great Indoors in 2011. My work covered me in too much dirt, debris and paint that I couldn’t be bothered. To add to it, I don’t know how to have long nails.

Yerp, I’m guilty for not drinking enough water on a daily basis. Why so? I pee too often which can be irritating especially when I have to zone myself for work. But I can’t avoid this need now. Need to get myself another bottle aka tumbler cause Lil Nine left it at site when I was building W2.
I have a kitten mug at work that mum got for me. It’s small but it is really the greatest. Whenever I run out of water, I need to get up to refill. So I automatically take breaks and rest my precious eyes. Getting it cut once scares the shit out of me.

Hair Mask
I’m definitely going to do this on a weekly basis. I still have my supplies from JKT and LDN that I need to finish up. I also want to boost my hair growth. Having mid length hair is kind of a hassle as I need to always blow it properly. When my hair is long, it’s much easier to maintain and my crazy waves and curls kicks in. More coconut and blacker hair! Yay!

Who is guilty of not getting their hair trimmed on a 3 month basis? ME!!! I’ve never followed this rule. Thank goodness I use very minimal chemical on my hair so it’s always healthy. My hairstylist, Nic is amazed at my hair’s strength and health.

Proper Makeup Techniques
I’m really bad with applying make up. I had just recently discovered how to use a foundation brush. Sadly my beauty blender from Primark is missing or else I could have given that a go!
I’m so bad with makeup that my eyeshadow is never the same on both eyes. My mum has to do the final check and sometimes she just does it all for me.
I’ve actually gone for events with crooked eyeliners and different tone of eyeshadow. Yerp, silly ain’t it?

Wear More Lipstick
Uhuh! I was never big on this keeping myself close to just my nudes. I’m gonna try to wear more colours on a daily basis. I’m gonna try to be a bit more bold. Not something I do, but feck life is short nay?

Trash Out Old Makeup
You do know makeup comes with an expiry. I’ve written about it before here (click link to read). Since I rarely wear makeup, a lot has gone bad. Most look crisp new cause I only use them when I have a wedding or an event. Even when I partied, I don’t slap on much makeup. Eyeshadow only makes an appearance about twice a year!
Just threw out some Estee Lauder, Lancome, Bobbi Brown and a few more into the bin. Feels kinda sad though.
I intend to look for a neutral/brown hue that is one shade darker than my skin and also my go to black. Will keep my eyeshadow collection at bay so it does not go to waste again. Maybe I’d buy them when I need to use them.
Everytime I head to LDN, I’d be stocking up and I’ve yet to even  use some of them. My god. So KIASU!!! However, my No 7’s always run out quick. Need to focus.

My friends have just raised this matter to me a few days back. Little did I know this is a necessity. Will use the face sunblock he got for me last year. Will continue to lather lotion on my body as per usual.

Face Massage
Will try to do this every alternate day.

Something I want to check out this year. Who knows if it really is good? Do tell.

Anyways, these are my beauty resolution for this year onwards. Hope this follows through for my own benefits. You have any of your own you want to share? Or any of your favourite products? I’m all ears.

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