All About The Hair

I have always had long, thick and healthy black hair. It can be unruly at times, but the messiness of my hair is what makes me, me. My hair carries its layers like a champ. The flow and the natural wave to my hair makes it perfect, well that’s how I like it anyway.

Taking care of my hair is a whole other story. I for one have never coloured my hair. The most I have done was I got it straightened a few times when I was much younger. For now, I try to keep my hair as natural as possible.


I would leave a homemade coconut oil in my hair overnight. This would be done before my hair is due for a wash. Why do I do this? To ensure minimal grey/white hair. Shiny jet black hair. It also maintains moisture and the softness to my hair.


I try to avoid products that have a lot of chemicals. I usually use something that is Paraben free. I enjoy exploring coconut-based products. My current favourite would be by Hask.


Once in a while, I will put on a leave-in-mask by Eclipse. I first tested it when I was in Indonesia. Don’t get me started on how awesome the hair mask in Indonesia is! Ah-mazingggg.


Here is the fun yet most tedious part of my hair routine. Before I style my hair, I would usually put a hair serum that is also a heat protector. I would try my very best to at least dry my roots with a hairdryer. I do this to avoid getting a headache or a migraine in my case. I never sleep with wet hair too.

I have a lot of hair styling tools and that’s what I want to share with you today. I have more than one hairdryer. One for travel, one for daily. I have naturally straight/wavy hair that I love. Some days I would iron it out to get super sleek hair or when I want it to look longer. I got myself a few flat irons from MagicBoo. However, I intend to get myself a new one from BabyLiss once I am in Europe. Why? Because it is much better. I have fallen in love with my bestie Baby’s fantastic GHD. I can’t afford a GHD but I’ve always loved BabyLiss. So that’d do!

My usual go to would be my BabyLiss Big Hair dryer. It has this huge rotating brush. It is LOVE! It is really great for my thick hair! It creates loose curls that really does compliment my haircut.

Some days, when I feel a little extra and girlish. I’d curl my hair with my BabyLiss thong. By now, you can tell that I am a big fan of BabyLiss. So I try to get a new hair tool whenever I go to Europe. A bad addiction I tell you.

For days where I need a lil tighter, sexier curls. I’d use my faithful BabyLiss Heated Rollers. They come in three (3) different sizes. The downside to my thong and rollers is that I can’t use it when I cut my hair short.

Which brings me to this, perhaps I ought to get myself a BabyLiss Wave Wand. See, I told you it is addictive.

If you want to see more of my hair journey, check out my Instagram. It has been short and long. Some days straight, some days crazy wavy, some days nicely defined. Some days I tie it up and some lazy days, I do a top knot.

Do share your hair tips and favourite styling tips with me! More than eager to pick up new tricks!

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