Don’t Lie

I may not be that brave of a person to open up my heart to tell the truth but at least I don’t lie.
Many instances people dear to me lie to me. But in the end, the truth reveals itself to me. Only clouds the picture I have of you and makes me question your presence in my life.
Why must people I trust and care for lie to me? It hurts. Am I not worthy of truth or are you not worthy in my life?

Past 1600 hours

1. Sometimes it takes a different set of eyes to appreciate what is right there in front of them.

2. Some friendship and relationships aren’t meant to be for a reason.

3. Respect is not a norm.

4. Harsh words are common of late.

5. Sacrifices and effort are just bollocks.

6. Coffee conversations are always amazing.

7. I am the dude with long hair.

8. You can only have 2 out of 3. But I don’t seem to have any.

9. Happiness is temporary.

10. Tired is my middle name for now.

Inhale + Exhale

I’ve been told I shouldn’t write things on my site. Yea I suppose I shouldn’t but then again I’m not someone who is expressive. I talk a lot, but I don’t express.

My true feelings are always well kept. I am very good at playing pretend that you wouldn’t know how or what I am feeling. To make it worst, even when I am sick I don’t show it.

I used to think that showing my true feelings and sharing them with people is a sign of weakness. And it also gets me into trouble as people use it against me. But the truth is, any of you who I actually share this things would and should actually feel honoured. Cause I’m actually someone who has the highest wall of defence to shut people out.

But to some, it’s wrong to having this kind of feelings.

It makes me so confuse of how to act. When I shut it out I’m an ice queen (many have called me that). Some even said I’m staunch.