juwitajalil.com is a personal blog for Juwita Jalil.

This blog will be kept real with real life dramas, stories and problems.

30. Skinny not by choice. 14 year old metabolism. Hates PINK!

With a soft spot for fashion, typography, photography, vintage collectables, architecture and ID.

Loves cars and F1.

Armed with my X-E2, GF-1, iPhone and Macbook Pro I am set to conquer the world.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Most of the times i visit a blog I see that the construction is poor and the writting bad. Regarding your blog,I could honestly say that you writting is decent and your website solid.

  2. keep up the nice work on the site. I appreciate it. Could maybe use some more updates more often, but i’m quite sure you got better or other things to do like we all have to do unfortunately. :)

  3. Hi Juwita, i hope you are well. You can do a lot of wonderful things positively if you put your mind to it. You must let go of these pains you are having. Fyi i have dropped The Company after too many illogical no brainer executions from management to executives.

    Let me know if you want to catch up. Don’t let your talent go to waste.

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