First Go

My first attempt at drawing on an iPad. Not the easiest for someone who is so used to paper and pen. To make it worst am not exactly good at drawing. Sketching is more likely me.
This was done up by an app called Paper by 53.
I definitely need more practice.

Excess Baggage

Do I have excess baggage? Emotional baggage? Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t.

This year alone I’ve had to throw out many handbags. Trust me I tried to save them. Sent them to leather specialist and cobblers too.

But it comes with no surprise that they all die on me because I do abuse them. I literally wear them to death.
I carry my organizer, laptop, camera, measuring tape, purse, small make up bag and many more.

What I can do? I need all this items in my bag. It’s annoying to carry so many other bags at one go. Sometimes I even need to carry samples as well.

I’ve dumped wood blocks and tiles in my bag too. Sigh.

Below are some of my favourites.

Balenciaga Arena Classic Work Balenciaga Arena Giant City Balenciaga Arena City

Past Bedtime

It’s half plus twelve. Time to actually be in bed.

I’m tired. I really am but I can’t seem to fall asleep.

The boys were asleep. Now they are restless. Fighting with each other. Ralph decided to bite my calf for no reason. Thanks boy!

Tummy is acting up. Must be the stress accumulating.

Was out with the family today. Went to trade in my trusty old Lenovo Y400.

Got a good deal for new toys for both Aizat and I. I was seriously contemplating about getting myself one. I’m not used to getting things for myself nowadays. I’m so stingy with money. I use my money for other things in life. Couldn’t coax myself to believing that I deserve it.

Finally got a text that knocked some sense into me. I recalled the other text, whereby he said I’ve got low self esteem. Which is so true. So there I was finally rewarding myself. I’ve not received it yet. Monday baby, Monday!

I Tremble

I trembled when I wanted to pay for my new toy. Been meaning to get myself a new toy for the longest time. The old one died on me early 2010.

Did an extensive research on all the models out there. Checking the prices. The different specs of it all. Asking my camera crazy cousins, friends and family. Read endless review. Compared the models.

Finally it was down to two. The older version and the newly released version. Still contemplating between the two. Price wise and all that jazz.

Fate brought me to OU yesterday. As I was going about the mall scouting for interesting outfits and all. We passed by this electrical shop. Automatically I went inside, saw the camera and asked. Such luck. They had a crazy deal for it. I was already so drawn to it, yet still contemplating. Left the store, surveyed other camera shops. Decided, won’t purchase it.

As we were walking about the mall, my younger brother read up about the camera. I texted my dad, asking him if this was the right move. Consulting my mum, Elya, Abang Waa and Faiz. Right before we left, we had to pass the shop yet again. Stopped and that was it. I knew the baby had to be mine.

I was literally trembling at the counter when I needed to pay. To part away from my hard earned money. I wasn’t too sure. I was somewhat hoping my card would decline. But it went through, so there people I got myself the old yet new Lumix GF1.

Going to make full use of this, exploring it starts from today! Behold for overloading images from now onwards, well that’s if I feel like it :p

Have an excellent weekend! Am off to play with this new baby.

Top This

I was calling a few ink-jet printers this morning as I had to print A2 size for a presentation. Most of the ones in KL do not provide the services unless it is offset printing or it might take at least a day.

But this dude was the funniest. Please read to be entertained.

Me : Hi. Morning. Do you do A2 printing?

Him : Yes. What type of printing.

Me : Ink-jet printing, coloured. A2 size.

Him : What is A2 size?

Me : What is A2 size? *in disbelief* Double of A3.

Him : Ooh, no, If A2, just go to a photostat shop. They can do.

I was out of words. All I could do was laugh my ass of in amazement. You call yourself a printer and advertise your service on MY88DB. Haha.