After Hours

At the wee hour of the day, I’m still up surprisingly. Mind boggling with life questions.

I am a person who enjoys sleeping before 12. Why so you may ask. I am a creature of habit. I believe my body deserves the rest it needs.

I remember when we first started texting, we would sometimes text til late. But I would tell you that we both needed the rest. I even questioned myself and you why we then only spoke at a certain hour.
I didn’t like texting you after hours because I don’t like the feeling of being only then when life had nothing to offer or when everything or everyone else was asleep. It gave a sense of second place.

But lately I noticed many girls don’t care of it. Don’t have a control over their own time and lives. I suppose they value themselves like that.
I’m going to continue being the girl with a routine and principal. I won’t condone to being seek when needed only.

Respect yourself enough to nurture your body and mind.

Past 1600 hours

1. Sometimes it takes a different set of eyes to appreciate what is right there in front of them.

2. Some friendship and relationships aren’t meant to be for a reason.

3. Respect is not a norm.

4. Harsh words are common of late.

5. Sacrifices and effort are just bollocks.

6. Coffee conversations are always amazing.

7. I am the dude with long hair.

8. You can only have 2 out of 3. But I don’t seem to have any.

9. Happiness is temporary.

10. Tired is my middle name for now.

Old Fashioned

Couldn’t help smiling warmly when I saw a friend of mine posted this on her timeline.

As modern and open as I am, I am actually very old fashioned when it comes to love. I prefer the man to make the first move, pull out chairs and so forth. Not that I am not independent but it’s a really touching gesture. It makes me feel safe and that they are able to protect and care for me.

Sappy much? I still do love writing letters, receiving snail mail gives me joy too. Nowadays, it’s just SMSs or emails. People no longer take the time to write their thoughts down.

Can’t expect everyone to have the same exact sentiments like I do now ain’t it?

Here’s the link to the above mentioned post :

Crumbling Like an Apple Crumble

Woke up today pretty psyched to go for my interview and get kicking with work. I was away for 5 days. Technically I was never away despite being on leave. Clients disrespected the fact I was on leave. Called and texted despite me telling them I wasn’t working. I told them to send out emails but hey it all failed.

We have many ongoing and new businesses to chase after. But damn life took a total flip.

At this point of time, I’m anticipating my whole life to collapse right in front of my naked eyes. The support I needed from the person I work with doesn’t seem to be there. But instead is going against me after all I have done.

I have no idea what kind of life I have after 4 pm today. Maybe it’s the end.

I leave it in the hands of the Al-Mighty cause I have done more than enough.