Damn If I Do, Damn If I Don’t

I was once told to my face that I was incapable of love. Few months down the road I fell in love. But oh well, the intense dating only brought me down in shambles.

Someone once described me as staunch. Not moved by certain funny gestures as I had rules for myself that I lived by. But that someone had more rules for himself that he broke but couldn’t bend his rules based on his own mistakes for me.

Three years should do the trick. But it’s already three and nothing seems to change.

Fixed my tooth. But never capped it well. Now it hurts.

I love cars. I took care of my old car so dearly. This car, was scratch not by me. It makes me sad looking at how comot it is. But upgrades are always equalled to higher cost.

Be there for friends in times of death, breakups and so forth. My low points, where are they?

Exercise, not enough sleep. What’s the point?