Squared, what about it?

There are one too many uncertainties in life right about now. We have now moved into RMCO till 31 August 2020. Alhamdulillah, the virus is more manageable, the nation is more aware and vigilant about it too.

More businesses have resumed to help elevate the economy. I myself am trying to secure more jobs. Increase sales for GITU, venture into other things as well. Did I mention, GITU’s sales during the MCO was exceptional, it sky-rocketed within days. We are running low on stock for many SKUs.

Alhamdulillah there are more updates and more SOPs from the government but there are many more aspects that are left ambiguous.

Let’s talk about the most frustrating thing in my life right now. The wedding planning.

Ever since the lockdown, I put it to a halt. I really don’t know what was going on. Prior to it, I had finalized /purchased the below :

  • The nikah’s outfit design
  • The reception’s outfit for both him and I
  • Songket for reception purchased (major love for this one)
  • Colour scheme for reception and nikah
  • Purchased items for merenjis’s bunga telur
  • Songket for his hantaran decoration
  • Purchased few items for his hantaran
  • Finalized door gifts and its supplier
  • Paid deposit for hall
  • Vet through the first round of guest list
  • Bought linens for bilik pengantin
  • Bought flower girl’s dresses while I was in the UK


The new wedding SOP has been announced. Still a little vague in terms of the age group as the venue still insist on it.

Will make a decision come this weekend on where it will be held. We both have yet decided on our daily wedding bands. Rose gold or white gold or platinum?

At least for now, planning resumes and our date stays put. In all honesty, we just want to nikah and get it over and done with. This uncertain times is only making us want to be with each other more. This Covid-19 has definitely tested yet strengthen us. Our love blossoms as every second goes by. I love him, I really do and I cannot wait to grow old and take care of him till Jannah.

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