I’m No Good

If I am only here to be blamed, accused, punched and belittled; why am I even here?
Is this what I was destined with? Why didn’t I just die as a baby when I had my bronchitis. Why didn’t you just end my life?
Consistently I get blamed for mistakes and situations that is beyond my control. Accused on doing things that I’m unaware of.
I don’t know what to do or what to say anymore. Every good damn good thing about me or I do goes unrecognized. I’m tired of trying to proof myself. I’m going to step back and shut the eff up.
If you are reading this The Al-Mighty, please I beg you to end me.
I’m no good. I’m of no good too. I need to stop being the source of pain to others.

After Hours

At the wee hour of the day, I’m still up surprisingly. Mind boggling with life questions.

I am a person who enjoys sleeping before 12. Why so you may ask. I am a creature of habit. I believe my body deserves the rest it needs.

I remember when we first started texting, we would sometimes text til late. But I would tell you that we both needed the rest. I even questioned myself and you why we then only spoke at a certain hour.
I didn’t like texting you after hours because I don’t like the feeling of being only then when life had nothing to offer or when everything or everyone else was asleep. It gave a sense of second place.

But lately I noticed many girls don’t care of it. Don’t have a control over their own time and lives. I suppose they value themselves like that.
I’m going to continue being the girl with a routine and principal. I won’t condone to being seek when needed only.

Respect yourself enough to nurture your body and mind.