Calling It A Day

The year may have started but the past ten days have indeed been long for me. It has been tiring and stressful.
Body seems to ache and perhaps I haven’t been exercising enough.
Wouldn’t it be blissful to come home to a foot massage or a tender hug by that special someone or even just that familiar voice. Well at least I have my two precious babies to warm my heart. I am so grateful to have them in my life. I hope they know how much I love them.

In Awe

I am very much indeed upset with the toll price hike and obviously the many others that will follow suit. I am relatively ok with the electricity hike of 15% due to the removal of subsidy. I personally think at some point, us, Malaysians are sheltered and pampered by the government.

But the toll price hike is outrageous to me. This is due to the fact that there is no other alternative to getting from point A to point B swiftly and safe. The ongoing MRT project that was set to be done in 2016 is now estimated to be completed in 2017. So while we await this saviour, we have to suffer? The petrol hike was already a crazy ordeal for us who drives about for work and now an additional increase to get to our destinations? Geez.

Highway tolls are implemented to help the authorities or the company that built them highways to recuperate the funds that was invested into building this convenience for us. But there is a certain duration that this is allowed. That’s pretty obvious as as years go by, the number of vehicles using the highway increase and to a point, I am sure they have hit the ROI. Hitting the ROI might be faster and easier due to the below :

1. Increase of vehicle using the facility by the year
2. Toll fee hike that happens ever so often with and without announcement.
With the above stated point, do we really need such crazy price hike? How can I particularly cope with it? I am a highway user, I swear by it as I hate stopping at traffic lights and unnecessary traffic jams.

I work/run an online company that requires me to meet clients at random locations, discuss work with the suppliers and obviously sourcing and stocking of products.

I agree to a certain extend that I may sound like I am overreacting but I know I will be impacted. I will feel the pain.

In many ways I am disappointed at how the government is tackling this issue. What convenience is this to us, especially the middle income earners.

“The rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer. The middle ones gets squeezed.”

Past 1600 hours

1. Sometimes it takes a different set of eyes to appreciate what is right there in front of them.

2. Some friendship and relationships aren’t meant to be for a reason.

3. Respect is not a norm.

4. Harsh words are common of late.

5. Sacrifices and effort are just bollocks.

6. Coffee conversations are always amazing.

7. I am the dude with long hair.

8. You can only have 2 out of 3. But I don’t seem to have any.

9. Happiness is temporary.

10. Tired is my middle name for now.

Old Fashioned

Couldn’t help smiling warmly when I saw a friend of mine posted this on her timeline.

As modern and open as I am, I am actually very old fashioned when it comes to love. I prefer the man to make the first move, pull out chairs and so forth. Not that I am not independent but it’s a really touching gesture. It makes me feel safe and that they are able to protect and care for me.

Sappy much? I still do love writing letters, receiving snail mail gives me joy too. Nowadays, it’s just SMSs or emails. People no longer take the time to write their thoughts down.

Can’t expect everyone to have the same exact sentiments like I do now ain’t it?

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