Old Playground

3Two Square is an old playground of mine. I worked in one of the 4A’s agencies there before I left permanently to work on my own. Had a meeting in the evening with an old colleague and a future client (Insyallah). Being there brought back memories of working in an agency how fun, tiring, interesting it was. Pitches, Pressos and many many late nights and working weekends.

I for one don’t regret my advertising days because it has taught me many valuable skills and lesson.

The meeting was brief but good. We got what we needed and decided to hangout since I’ve not spoken to my ex-colleague for a while now. It started off with weight as we are both under-weight and how impossible it is to gain. Then we went on to talk about mental health.

A topic so taboo among many, particularly the Malays. Anxiety, depression, suicidal and bi-polar. If you have it, it means you don’t pray to God enough. That is the stigma they have.

Different people have different mental state. Their mental health differs from others too. What triggers it, what helps reduce it and many other things. It was really comforting to be able to share and discuss what we are going through. It was definitely a discussion where I took mental notes on how to care and be more attentive to people who suffer from anxiety.

Just so you know, I don’t have anxiety. But there was a point of time in 2016, where I was constantly nervous, uneasy, my heartbeat was so fast and my chest was tight. Pressure machine could not detect my pulse. This was a time where I was so badly cheated by an asshole of an ex. I was put on Xanax to calm me down. But this was also when I sought peace in Allah. This was when I started to get close to Him. I pray more. I was consistent with my prayers. I did a lot of sunat prayers. In many ways, I am grateful I faced this ordeal as I grew spiritually and have a stronger love for Islam.

I suffer from depression. I do know I had this issue but I did know that it was serious till I actually sought help. At one point in my life where I felt scared, I was accused of many false things and such. I could not get out of bed. I could not even face the world. I was scared, I was scared to leave my safe place and I was so alone. I stayed in bed and slept for hours.

It was he who force it down on me to visit a shrink after an incident I faced. He was worried as he isn’t around and the time difference between us. I’m forever grateful that he was so persistent on me visiting his shrink.

Mental health is a serious issue. It is not something we go on all fours and pray to have it. Be gentle on others, you just don’t know what they are going through. Always be open to hear them out.

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