Oh Buttercup!

I’m very selective with my cakes. I like them a certain way. A certain design. A certain taste/flavour.

My favourite birthday cake has got to be Chocolate Lady from Angel’s Cake House. A cake shop that no longer exist. The cake is pure divine. Two layers of moist chocolate cake stuck together with a generous layer of chocolate. Topped with chocolate and randomly shaved cooking chocolate. Surprisingly it isn’t too sweet.

As I grew older, I started baking. I make a pretty damn good chocolate cake and I kid you not. A hit every time I make them. My cousins would attack it the moment they arrive.

If I ever lust over cakes. It’d be some odd looking ones. I’ve always been into deconstructed cakes. I prefer buttercream over fondant.

I wanted a deconstructed cake for my wedding. But I got it as my merisik cake. It is odd because it ain’t your ordinary fancy cakes. But hey, it tickles my fancy.

As his birthday was a few days ago. I started falling in love with Korean style cakes. Simple, textured and monochromatic. Very much of something that I could relate too. I started sourcing for a supplier that was willing to do it for me. I wanted the cake to be “petite”, the content to be just the right amount of sweet.

Chose the first design as it wasn’t too corny. Plus you know, I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable.

I’m so happy Jo’s Bakery could do it. It was reasonable and yummy. The lemon poppyseed cake was perfect.

Sadly, I didn’t get to take a picture of the cake or with the cake or with the celebrated. Oh well.

If any one of you are ever looking for a legit baker or a quaint bakery to have a cake. Do check out :

Jo’s Bakery

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