Happy Too Soon?

Met up with Ju (yes, we share the same name but it’s a he though) to show him some of the gunny sacks done by The Great Indoors.
He needs them for a training that he would be conducting. He had selected a few from our new range, but sadly suppliers aren’t ready with them.

I’ve not met him ever since his move to Singapore in late 2010. Little did I know, Singapore changed him. He now hits the gym, grew some biceps. Less bitter but still SARCASTIC. I’ve always enjoyed talking to him because of how witty he is.

We were catching up and I shared with him with the latest news in my life. I can still clearly recall what he said and am starting to think. Is he right?

“When you’re unhappy, everything else seems a lot better”, said Ju 1.0.

Now it’s got me thinking. Is this the right choice? Should I take a break to clear my mind? What exactly do I want from my life. Oh sigh.

Dear God, your guidance is very much needed at this point of time. Amin.

You look good

Had a quick pit stop at Eric the owner of Haus of BIB. My ever trusty abused and used Blackberry aka Boboy was going wonky. It has been mad for a couple of days. Especially the delete button. I’ve been having an epic case of typo.

Since I was in the neighborhood and couldn’t stand the problems with my Blackberry. I met up with him for a short visit. Luckily it was nothing serious. Just some dust stuck at the motherboard/keyboard area. He did a quick clean and I was on my way to my next destination.

When I left he messaged, You look good.
Yeay, that’s an achievement after the last time I met him in January during CNY and he said I’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight. Which is true.
Looks like my Chinese herbs are doing me good.
I’m on a serious diet of no chocolates and no tea.

┬áIt ain’t easy for someone like me who binges every few minutes. Wish me luck!



Anybody and everybody has an idea or even ideas.
Some people have a rather active mind where it can’t stop thinking.
Ideas are great I believe. It shouldn’t be shot down without hearing it out.
But sometimes ideas should be kept to oneself or to just a certain group.
Trusted inner circle.
Why? It’s a man eat man world out there. Especially in the terms of business.
I’ve seen and I’ve gotten my idea stolen one time too many.
A new business venture is when all ideas should be kept within the trusted and preferably just the development team.
If you keep telling our bouncing off your ideas to just about anybody. You’d lose you’re whole game.
Who is at stake? You. Your business suffers.
What is truly dangerous is when you share your sources with others. Yes it may seem harmless as they don’t seem to run the same business or they don’t even run a business. But words get out. The tongue slips and what are you left with? Nada.
A business idea is especially critical when it is at its infancy. P&C. That’s how it should be.
But then again, that’s how I run my business. Been doing it since 2008. So far so good.
Because I keep it to just my trusted circle.
But who am I to say ain’t it? Am just a young girl wanting to make it big by all the hardwork.
Maybe the nature of my business and job makes me weary of others. But it’s a good thing. Trust is earned. Not simply given. So prove yourself to me. Are you worth my trust and respect?